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I am the Resurrection and the Life

Sr. Angelica Kanini Njiru - Blessed Caridad and Esther community-Mariani

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of Christian faith. This event is a profound statement about God´s power over death and the promise of eternal life for believers. Augustine insisted “belief in Christ resurrection establishes the identity and defines the faith of Christians. In this reflection we are going to reflect on Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in three dimensions: Pre- Resurrection, Resurrection and Post Resurrection.

a)      Pre – Resurrection – The Lenten Season

This is an intensive moment of preparation of 40 days of introspection, preparation and transformation for us and all the Christians. This time mirrors Jesus´ own 40 days of fasting and prayer in the desert before he embarks on his public ministry. He invites us in this sacred season to venture into our own deserts.

Entering the inner desert: means willingness to step into a space of quiet and introspection. To be confronted with our true selves, stripped of pretenses and masks. These are spiritual dryness, unresolved pain. This requires us to face our vulnerabilities, fears and the aspects of ourselves which we ignore and never to touch. All this demands us to have patience and courage.

Emerging from the desert. The experience in the desert with Jesus transforms us and we are called to re-enter the world with a renewed spirit ready to share the love, grace and mercy we have received. The desert equips us to be true witnesses of light in a world that needs hope and the healing of Christ.


b)     The Resurrection

The Resurrection of Christ is beyond words or scientific understanding, a mystery deeply rooted in silence and love. The period following Christ's death was marked by a profound silence, symbolizing a moment of transformation where everything was renewed. This event invites us to deeply meditate and experience the boundless love of Christ, which reaches across the universe, touching all life.

Jesus says, “I´m the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will never die. Do you believe this? John 11:25. This message encourages us to think about how belief, life, and eternity are connected. It suggests that having faith can change us and help us go beyond our physical lives. The idea of resurrection shows us that life doesn't end with death and urges us to think about the deeper meaning of our lives, emphasizing living with an awareness of eternity. The promise of eternal life is offered to those who believe, urging us to find deeper meaning beyond just living day to day. This passage calls us to reflect on our beliefs and how they shape our understanding of life and existence, offering hope and a chance for renewal. It's an invitation from Christ to open our hearts to His love and let it transform us.


c)      Post-Resurrection

The post-resurrection is a moment when the magnitude of Christ's love and sacrifice becomes fully visible. It is in this moment that Christ extends an invitation to each of us, an invitation to live in the fullness of grace and profound love we have received. This is not merely a call to acknowledgment but to action—to apply this grace and love which we have freely received in our daily lives, thereby living meaningfully and fulfilling the will of God.


This invitation is very meaningful and for everyone, encouraging us to truly embrace the values of kindness, patience, forgiveness, and love that asks for nothing in return. Christ´s resurrection from the dead shows us the incredible strength of love over death, and of hope over sadness. It gives us a model for how to live that goes beyond the ordinary and reaches something sacred, motivating us to overcome our own obstacles and recognize that we, too, can renew ourselves every single day.

Living a meaningful life after Christ’s resurrection means using every moment to show the same kind of love we´ve received. This approach doesn't ignore the tough realities of pain, suffering, or unfairness but faces them with a heart made strong by kindness and driven by a love that comes from a higher place.

To fulfill the will of God, as illuminated by Christ’s resurrection, is to commit ourselves to a path of transformation—both personal and communal. It involves cultivating a spirit of humility and service, striving for justice and peace, and above all, loving deeply in all circumstances. This path is not without its challenges, yet it is filled with the promise of eternal hope and the possibility of new beginnings.

In essence, the post-resurrection invitation is about allowing the reality of Christ’s victory over death to permeate our lives, guiding our thoughts, actions, and interactions with one another. It is an invitation to live fully, love bravely, and serve faithfully, thereby participating in the ongoing work of resurrection in our world today. Through this, we not only find personal fulfillment but also contribute to the unfolding of God’s will on earth, manifesting a kingdom marked by love, justice, and peace.

With restless hearts, may we allow the love and grace of our Risen Lord to guide and transform us each day.


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