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The community began with the foundation in Argentina, on March 5, 1967.


At present the community accompanies the family ministry of the School Madre del Buen Consejo.  We also collaborate in the catechesis of children in the Parish of San Felipe Neri.

2. Formation Community - Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Formation Community began on March 5, 1982. At present there is the stage of the Postulancy.

We are working at the School Madre del Buen Consejo, in charge of the Administration and the general coordination of the Pastoral. We also accompany in the area of ​​the Animation of the San Pantaleón Sanctuary.


In Villa 15, we accompany young people who are homeless and with addictions in a Neighborhood Center who are part of the Hogar de Cristo of the Virgen del Carmen Parish.



1. Community - Madre Querubina - Cafayate

Our presence in the Calchaquí Valleys dates back to 1972 . We arrived in Cafayate on April 4th, at the request of the Augustinian Fathers to collaborate  in pastoral care, in Cafayate and other parishes.


We also have a boarding school San Agustin, with 320 students and 48 sheltered children. It is located in a mountainous area and its main educational task is to educate for life and human development.

2. Community - Santa Monica - Molinos

The community was opened in February 1997.

We have a Youth Promotion Center "San Agustin", where we share life with 32 teenagers from nearby areas. During the week they concentrate on their studies and comprehensive training.



Community - Our Lady of the Valley - Santa Maria

The community began on February 23, 1985.

The community has “San Agustin” Student Hostel, where we receive teenagers from mountainous and remote areas so that they can finish their secondary studies.

The Network Here and Now at your Side: we are part of a network of institutions that seek to care for and defend life from the active commitment, prevention, solidarity and protection of the integrity of children, adolescents and women in situations of vulnerability.

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