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The origin of our Congregation was a response to an immediate need in the Philippines. In 1883, the contemplative Augustinian Sisters of the Beaterio of St. Augustine in Barcelona, Spain were invited to go to the Philippines. The sisters responding freely and bravely to a concrete need of the Church took on missions in the Philippine islands involving themselves wholeheartedly in the education of young girls orphaned by a cholera epidemic. Due to the Philippine Revolution of 1898, the sisters were impeded from pursuing that mission and went to other parts of the world.

It was providential that it was recently in the year 2010, the Augustinian Missionary Sisters went back to the Philippines with three sisters, Sr. Selva Rani Joseph, Sr. Daisy Masilamani and Sr. Elizabeth Rani T from India and the new mission (Mother Querubina Community)in the Archdiocese of Lingayen Dagupan, Pangasinan began. The sisters started to work in Campus Youth animation program consisting of informal Catechesis, sacramental ministry particularly masses and confession.

In 2013, we opened the second community (Mother Monica Mujal Community) in the Pastoral Vicariate of Tabuk with Sr. Selva Rani Joseph, Sr. Juliet Lourdusamy and Sr. Jancy Joseph where we work with women especially those traumatized by tribal violence and conflicts and working hand in hand with the SLCB Cultural Heritage Research Centre. The pastoral thrust is mainly on an intergrated evangelization which focuses on the help that we sisters can render especially to women and the education of the youth.


Between 2017 and 2018, the new community house was constructed in Mangaldan, Pangasinan. On July 1, 2018, the sisters moved to the new house. At the present the community is composed of Sr. Nancy, Sr Leema, Sr. Balama and Sr. Consolata. The main apostolate is to teach Christian Religion and Value Education. We are also involved in visiting the sick and the old in the villages and giving communion to them.


The sisters also join in the parish in the ministry for the poor in parking the goods  and distributing to the poor in the villages.


The community in Tabuk began in the year 2013. The name of the new Community is Mother Monica Mujal, situated in the Province of Kalinga, in Cordillera Administrative Region of the Philippines. This Community was started with three sisters (Srs. Selvarani Joseph, Juliet Lourdu samy and Jancy Bosco). We are rendering ourMissionary Services in the schools, college and in the Parish in collaboration with the Apostolic Vicariate of Tabuk. The following are the activities of the community:

  • Ministry of Pastoral Vocation

  • Scholarship Ministry

  • Health Ministry

  • Educational Ministry

  • Parish Pastoral Ministry

  • Campus Ministry in the School

  • Augustinian Lay Ministry

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